What about Game Theory?

Hi everybody,

Just a little introductory post about the “Game Theory” section of this blog.

I like to say that game theory is the link between mathematics, economics and human behavior. It is a special field of mathematics aimed to analyze and understand conflicting situations. A comprehensive summary of the field is available on this page, and there is an interesting blog available here.

My aim in this blog is not to talk about the theoretical/purely mathematical aspects of Game Theory, but more to apply the concept to real world situations. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of classic, day to day situations where this field can be applied, and I would like to analyze a few of those and provide intuitive solutions. I am particularly interested in applications concerning the sports world.

I will soon post a research I made during my studies at the EPFL, in the Computational Game Theory class. The idea what to discuss a game-theoretic approach to penalty shots in Ice Hockey.

Until then, have a nice evening!


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