Back in the Blog Game

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year 2024! As we step into a year full of potential, I find myself reflecting on the past and looking forward to new beginnings.

You might recall that my last post was some time ago. The intervening years have been a blend of personal milestones and professional endeavors. Raising three amazing children, contributing actively to the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and relocating to Singapore in July 2022 have been enriching, yet they’ve kept me away from this blog. But now, I’m back with renewed energy and a plethora of topics to share with you.

In the coming weeks or months, I plan to publish content covering a diverse range of subjects, for example:

Computer Science & Quantitative Finance: These fields are a confluence of my professional interests and expertise. As before, I aim to share with you some intriguing topics and strive to make them as accessible as possible to a wider audience.

AI Tools for Everyday Use: The integration of AI into day-to-day tasks isn’t just futuristic thinking—it’s our current reality. While my experience utilizing AI tools for portfolio management and quantitative analysis in finance is currently limited due to professional access restrictions, I believe that not enough people are aware of how useful these tools can be for everyday tasks.

Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera: This enthralling course, offered by Coursera and led by Dr. Andrew Ng—a renowned figure in AI and co-founder of Google Brain—provides a deep dive into neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning. Having recently completed this set of courses, I’m eager to share my comprehensive review and key takeaways.

There may be a few days before I start actively contributing here again. For those who may be first-time visitors, feel free to browse the blog and discover previous posts. I recently updated the site’s look and feel, so there may be some bugs here and there. Please feel free to report any issues you spot.

Rebooting this blog is my resolution for 2024, a year I hope will be filled with learning, sharing, and connecting. Let’s embark on this intellectual journey together, exploring the nuances of technology and finance.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and enlightening 2024!


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